First aid for irritated eyes

OCUflash is one of the most famous and one of the best-selling products from Unimed Pharma Laboratory. OCUflash is the perfect product to treat all sorts of irritated eyes.

It is a very good natural cure for irritated eyes, an ideal product to remove any foreign bodies out of eyes, for flushing the eyes after swimming in sea or swimming pool, for flushing eyes after wearing contacts, or in the case of itching, scratching, or any uncomfortable feelings in eyes. 

OCUflash can also be used as eye drops for prevention and for treating of non-infective inflammations of eyelids and conjunctive. 

OCUflash is also ideal for:

  • Flushing the eye after tonometry or gonioscopy 
  • Flushing the remains of fluorescein 
  • Flushing mucosal secretion from eyes  
  • Additional treatment of non-infectious and chronic conjunctival inflammation 
  • Removing cosmetic products (such as false lashes) from eyes.