OCUflash blue is a product that is safe for use from the first day of birth. It is safe for newborns, small children and people with very sensitive eyes.

OCUflash blue can be used by:

  • Newborns – they often have increased secretion in eyes, due to lacrimal glands don’t function properly right after birth. OCUflash blue is a product that can be used for rinsing the eyes, and also preventing inflammatory reactions. Before using the product, please consult your doctor. 
  • Children – especially kindergarten population which often have repeating eye infections – so it can be used as additional therapy, or as prevention. 
  • Adults - This eye drops are also suitable and safe for pregnant and nursing woman, as well as for all adults, especially ones with sensitive eyes.

OCUflash blue can be used for:

  • Flushing the eye to remove any foreign body (dust, sand, sea salt, chlorinated water, make-up, cosmetic products like false lashes …)
  • Flushing the eyes after wearing hard contact lenses 
  • Flushing the eye after tonometry or gonioscopy 
  • Flushing the remains of fluorescein 
  • Flushing mucosal secretion from eyes 
  • Additional treatment of non-infectious and chronic conjunctival inflammation